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Currently, resin printers are unparalleled consumer-grade products. There is a variety of mediums with varying clarity, strength, flexibility, and other characteristics. The inexpensive stuff I chose for my early prototypes turned out to be brittle, which I discovered when as assembled unit tumbled to the floor and shattered three of my finger rods. I printed new ones, but they each need an electrical connection. Unfortunately, I didn't trim off some of the "smooshed" edges before I cured them, so I had to chip off the thin plastic with a razor in a few places. Had I trimmed before curing, the soft plastic would slice off smoothly. For the electrode, I measured a length of copper tape that would go all the way around but not put a seam on the bottom where it contacts the pressure-sensitive Velostat junction. I added a pad of solder to the top of each finger rod.
Replacement finger rods

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