2021-05-29 (Sa) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH Giving up on the IR aerials

Today, I got the signal strength to show on the screen, and I confirmed that I could not see any appreciable difference from when I had a finger in front of the sensor or empty air. For the rest of this project, I should concentrate on the pressure sensors and maybe add some motion sensing.

I thought I worked out all the kinks in my infrared aerial. The idea was simple. When I pointed infrared LEDs in front of my hand, they would reflect light into a sensor if I extended a finger. Since I was already sensing the knuckle with my pressure sensors, reading the fingertips would be an extra dimension. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any valuable readings from all the arrangements I tested. Perhaps the receiver was too sensitive or a different frequency than my LEDs.
It was worth a shot

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