2021-06-18 (F) Weekly Summary

I cleared out the unnecessary remnants of my last model's code but kept approximately half of the measurements. The angle between the halves can change quickly, and I grabbed the keyswitch dimensions from the manufacturer.
Platform V6

I took my list of platform and board holder improvements and implemented them. There is room for an encoder, the parts fasten together with nuts and bolts, and it is more streamlined.
Platform and board holder

I started the keycap model for the project by scoping out someone who made an OpenSCAD program already. I couldn't extract the snippet I needed since they wrote an epic model, but I could isolate the stem I was after. Check out rsheldii and their awesome keycap.
Keycap stem from rsheldiii

I created the first draft of my hinged keycap. It should stick out the top of a keyswtich, and I can print the shaft any length I want. The top will fasten down with an M2 nut and bolt. There is room for a washer on either side between the circular pad and the tall shaft.
Red keyshaft and blue pad

My first print attached perfectly to the keyswitch, so I made six different lengths to test ones that fit my fingers. Sadly, four of the six failed. I completely assembled and tried one, which worked smoothly.
Custom keystem lengths

I printed eight stems with square tops so they would stick to the plate better. 100% of them worked, and I made a complete set that allowed me to trigger the switches one at a time.
Different lengths for different fingers

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