2021-06-30 (W) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH Encoder programming

The next piece of hardware I wanted to receive information from was the rotary encoder. I have used these in the past, but I've always had problems with them too. Each time I used a microcontroller with a slower clock speed than the ESP32, so I hoped I could get reliable data this time. I wrote a function that would monitor the analog values on the pins as I did for the keyswitches, and through this technique, I didn't have to add pull-up resistors. When I turned the encoder counter-clockwise, the inputs came on at a different angle, but the difference when moving clockwise was almost imperceptible. I added some set and reset bits to pick out the rising edges and reset when it returned to the resting state. There are some problems with the push button, which gets triggered every time I turn the knob.
Encoder testing

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