2021-07-09 (F) Weekly Summary

I played "take your keyboard to work" and drove while wearing the BotH, and it didn't interfere with my hands. At work, I leveraged one of my old macros that toggled a PLC bit, and in this case, activated a relay. There is a lot more I want to program into the keyboard, but it's already valuable for my work.
(0:13) Work test of BotH keyboard

I thought I soldered an accelerometer into my project, but it turned out to be a magnetometer. Sadly, I don't think that will be nearly as useful. I went to the nearby computer store and bought a compatible accelerometer, and swapped it out.
Swapping accelerometers

I spent an entire day spinning my wheels, trying to figure out how to use the Bluetooth keyboard library with its mouse counterpart. They wouldn't cooperate when they were separate libraries, and I didn't have the know-how to combine them into a single library. I had to restore the libraries and remove mouse functions from the scope.
Problematic directory

The accelerometer can do more for the project than emulating a mouse. I measured the x-twist axis to adjust volume, so now, a single button with motion will change the sound up and down.
Volume adjustment

There are now two settings pages to toggle things like vibration, diagnostic printing, and volume adjustment magnitude. I made a spot for turning off Bluetooth and entering a power-saving mode, but I haven't programmed for them yet.
Live settings page with feedback

I picked an OLED screen for this project because they only draw power for their processor and the lit parts of the screen, but the device was depleting a full battery in less than an hour. I added a function to toggle the Bluetooth radio, which wasn't perfect, and I added the code to make the screen timeout. With these improvements, I got the battery life to nearly ninety minutes.
Changing the screen timeout

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