2021-07-10 (Sa) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH

I added the Bluetooth switching functionality because I was playing Pokémon Go, and I couldn't type when I wanted to filter my inventory. It was wise to add the switching, but I decided to dedicate a layer to the game. Two of the keys control sound and music, and the other two provide filtering text strings.

One of the text strings was very long.
The phone wouldn't keep up if I sent it as a single print command, so I broke it up into eight portions with a seventy-five-millisecond delay between them. The next problem was that if there were already text, I would type at the end. My first inclination was to use a key sequence.
END → Shift+Home
In Pokémon Go, this won't work, so I moved on.

I added a new option in the second Settings screen to choose between a PC and an Apple machine. The most significant difference is that shortcut commands on a PC use the Ctrl key while Apple uses its Command key. I modified the Pokémon layer to select all (Command+a) and typed the new string. I also tested on a Windows machine with the other setting, and both worked.
Pokémon Go (-o-)

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