2021-07-11 (Su) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH Repeating Functions

The next feature I wanted in my keyboard was repeating functions. These aren't necessary for a device meant to be handy anytime, but I wish I had these options in a wireless keyboard. I wanted to make a mouse jiggler, but the keyboard's Bluetooth mouse library won't play nicely.

I drafted some pseudo-code which helped me whip up a quick version at home. My first step was to display time intervals below the character sequence. For example, if I press the leftmost button, the keyboard should repeatedly press the F5 button to refresh a web page periodically. Pressing the button again will change the time between presses, at which point it can run unattended.

The next button types a pair of forward-slashes, "//," which activates the messaging window in Roblox and keeps my link with the game active when I'm away. The third button presses the Ctrl key and should keep a computer or phone from sleeping or logging out. The final control will press play at pseudo-random intervals and is a prank. You could hide a mobile with a cricket sound, and it would chirp every so often without intervention.
Periodic sequences

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