2021-07-12 (M) Wearable Macro Keyboard BackOfTheHand BotH Non-volatile settings

Each time I started the keyboard, I changed my settings from their default values because they resided in volatile memory and wouldn't survive power loss. Arduino has functions for saving in non-volatile memory, but it is a challenge. In this case, I wanted to write to EEPROM, which is slow but accessible by the running program. By default, the library reads and writes bytes, so it was easier to keep all my numbers below 255, so I rewrote the code to store my screen timeout value in seconds instead of milliseconds.

I had trouble making the EEPROM.write() and EEPROM.read() statements behave. After struggling for a while, I found instructions describing how an ESP32 needs a little more attention than an ATMEGA processor. Once I  had the correct commands in the right places, BotH booted with all my old settings intact.
Startup report

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