2021-07-24 (Sa) 24EngLaserGrid

While I waited on components to build my cameras, I unearthed my camera and an Arduino Micro. DFRobot provided a demo that I installed from Arduino's library manager, but every coordinate appeared as 1023. I found another example code on their site that didn't require a library, making it easier for other people to copy my code. This time, I tested with an IR television remote, and it showed intermittent blips, which I would expect since the remote won't output a continuous light. I plotted the results and added a second light source, an IR flashlight. Now, I had four lines, two for the X coordinate and two for the Y.
Tracking two IR points

I made myself an IR laser from a module and a coin cell holder with a switch. The project hinges on being able to detect reflected light on a wall. No matter how close my laser and camera were, I couldn't get a reading. I tried holding the camera next to a white wall and shining the laser on the wall, but no luck. I used different surfaces, but I couldn't get a reading unless I bounced it off a mirror, which is the same as looking right at the laser. At these power levels, I can only detect IR sources, not reflections.

I removed the IR filter from the camera, and instead of improving sensitivity to the laser, I made it susceptible to all light, including one on the ceiling. Perhaps I can use this to detect other colors, like a strong red or green laser, and hide the camera behind a color gel.
Infrared beam hitting black fabric

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