2021-08-04 (W) Gravy Shock Ness's intro speech

I thought about how I would introduce people to Gravy Shock without sitting down and giving them the elevator pitch. It wouldn't make sense if someone stumbled across it, so I wanted to write something that would get people on track. I considered a commercial-like section where I explained that "Gravy Shock is an alternate-reality science-fiction play where I voice all the characters on top of a pseud-random soundtrack as they take a ship to Mars. And there is a robot cat." While all that is true, it wouldn't draw me into the story. I decided that Ness should give the introduction, but it would be exposition in the style of an audio journal. I wrote them a one-minute script. Coincidentally, I think knowing that only one character was speaking and had to be concise made me better at writing in their voice.
Introduction script

Interactive 3D houseboat model.

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