2023-05-06 (Sa) IR Camera Blinder COMPLETE

Automated facial recognition software is continuously getting stronger, but not foolproof. Even the freedom to appear in a peaceful protest can negatively impact someone's record, so obscuring cameras may help people attend events they would otherwise miss.

My build will work to retrofit an innocuous hat clip with infrared light-emitting diodes and IR LEDs. I found an inexpensive one on Amazon, which was small because it used 3mm LEDs. It came with two 2016 coin-cell batteries. I purchased a package of 3mm IR LEDs.
LEDs and our subject

There was a tiny PCB inside where all the white-light LEDs were mounted. I considered removing all the diodes and upgrading, but I made do without a circuit board. I planned to solder the LED pins together and use that as the form. I cut one of the LED's leads to the enclosure's width and bent the rest of the pins in the same direction. If you are unfamiliar with LEDs, ensure the long wire is away from you when you turn them to your left.
Opened case, bent LEDs, and trimmed leads

I was not happy with how I spaced the lights. I could have temporarily stuck them in the case to ensure I positioned them correctly. When I chose to ignore the mounting circuit board, I knew this might be a problem.
Little lights linearly linked

The first time I connected the wires, I got them backward, but they are diodes, so they didn't conduct, and there was no harm. I also had one malfunctioning LED, which the soldering process may have damaged. I replaced this and remounted the lights in the enclosure.
Even through an IR filter

I made a short video demonstrating the IR Camera Blinder. I stood in a dark bathroom with a black-and-white checkered shower curtain. The results were imperfect, but I have ideas for a second iteration.
(1:48) Video Demonstration

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