2015-04-15 (W) Cyborg Distance Sensor

An enclosure was printed and the headphone socket fit neatly but due to an oversight the chosen socket was a mono version instead of stereo. A replacement was found which had similar dimensions but the soldering posts were on part the face of the socket which presses against the enclosure. It may be suitable to glue it inside the enclosure with the soldering posts hidden and the socket slightly recessed. One of the previously printed lids was used instead of printing a new one. This lid had small raised portions to center it on the enclosure but the symbol was backward.

Enclosure with incorrect mono socket

The sensor-and-processing unit was soldered together. Connector pins were removed from the ultrasonic distance sensor and replaced with copper wires according to the schematic from 2015-04-14 (Tu). Wires were trimmed shorter than the previous project to conserve space inside the enclosure. Short leads resulted in a neat package. The device was not programmed or tested with power.

Soldered sensor-and-processing unit

To do:
  • Redesign "Power + Stimulation" schematic diagram
  • Buy parts:
    • Reed relay
    • 8 or 10 AAA battery holder
  • Solder project
  • Print enclosure
  • Program
  • Test + Debug
  • Make files public
  • Write instructions

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2015-04-14 (Tu)