2016-22-17 (Tu) Miscellaneous 3D Printable Spur Gear COMPLETED

A gear was modeled before and a rack gear was made to be compatible. These gears were simple because they only used triangular teeth. It was easy to make an array of triangles because a triangle was just half of a rhombus. This design was limited because the teeth needed to be relatively long but if they were too long they would not mesh correctly. Triangular projections were not strong and many were needed in a short area.

A new model was created which had shaped teeth. The shape of these teeth was not a precise mathematical model but a rough estimation. The performance of the gears should be adequate for ordinary printed ABS. An animation was created to show how the gears should interact. Animation was not based on any physics, the gears simply turn at rates proportional to their size.

Gear animation

No modeling was done to make spokes or hubs. The large variety of hubs and spokes could warrant a new module being written which would provide shapes which can be used to exclude material from future gears and pulleys.

Close up of gear animation

OpenSCAD file for parametric gears

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