2016-06-01 (W) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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Audio from the first session was unusable. Teamspeak would amplify a silent person’s audio feed until unwanted static drowned out the speaker. Most of the conversation was audible but the quality was below expectation, even for a first episode.

The whole session was rerecorded. Nothing was scripted but an outline was devised beforehand. For the second session an expanded outline was taken from the dialogue of the first session. The order was arranged to flow.

For the second recording the dialogue ran longer and more seemed usable so the first show may turn out better than if the first session was used. The first session may have been more spontaneous though.

This time all audio was captured on separate tracks by each host, Tim and myself, then exchanged. Separate tracks meant that editing and talking over one another should not be a problem. Editing will be time consuming and a single episode, seven to fifteen minutes, may take two days to edit.

At the end of the episode a small teaser was done for the next session which will cover RFID and NFC implants which Tim and I both have. We discussed a way to plan the show ahead of time and still seem fluid and spontaneous. We decided to discuss the subject ahead of time in a text chat then compress the chat into an outline. This may work, or not.

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