2016-09-26 (M) Clockwork Theremin

A couple weeks ago an enclosure for the project was designed. This enclosure would house the electronics but not the gears. This would need to have room for all the operating equipment including the distance sensors. 2' x 4' x 3/4" (609 x 1220 x 20mm) MDF was purchased although it would be possible to scale the size down slightly if the metric equivalent wasn't quite large enough.

The panel layout, linked at the bottom of each Clockwork Theremin post, was printed full size and adhered to the MDF. The design assumed the material would be exactly 24" wide so if a slightly smaller piece was used it must be scaled accordingly. Two straight cuts were made on a table saw so the cuts would be straight.

Layout printed, adhered and partially cut

The duplicate pieces were clamped together and sanded so they were close to identical. These pieces will be supported by bolts run between them so any flat surface mean to span the gap should be able to rest easily between them.

Duplicate pieces bolted and sanded

Unfortunately, bolts were not planned ahead of time so reasonable locations had to be sketched on the MDF. Holes were drilled for the cross-connecting bolts. 1/4" (6mm) bolts were decided since they should provide very rigid support. The first hole was simply drilled with a 1/4" (6mm) bit and there was significant hole blowout. For the rest of the holes, pilot holes were drilled.

Board with one blown out hole and seven pilot holes

1/4" (6mm) holes were drilled from each side of the boards and there were no more blown out holes. The long boards were cumbersome and long clamps used on the boards were unwieldy so once a couple holes were drilled bolts were used to hold the pieces together. Since the holes were drilled through boards at the same time there was no trouble putting bolts through the holes.

Cut and drilled boards

Parts list:

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