2016-10-27 (W) Clockwork Theremin

After all yesterday’s problems, it seems fitting to share the solutions.

The spool from the printer cartridge was removed. All the loose tangled filament was a mess. Since a spool holder never had to be used before one had to be improvised. Designs for a PVC pipe model started to materialize. Instead of taking the time to construct something new an ordinary sitting stool was laid on its side on top of the printer. This provided a horizontal bar where the spool could sit and unravel. You know what they say, "If it looks stupid but it works, then it's not stupid."

Improvised filament spool holder

The spool had to be minded carefully since the loose filament wanted to unwind and tangle around the stool leg. Fortunately, this was the first time one of these commercial cartridges had problems like this.

Filament tangling around leg

A hole saw bit was selected which was close to the diameter of the bearing holder. They were such a close match that it is unlikely there will be a need to change the model. Minor sanding could be necessary.

Comparison of hole saw and bearing holder

Measurements were taken to align the largest gear on the backing board. The hole saw was used to cut a hole. The hole was not exactly centered on the board. Instead, it was higher so the gear would not extend below the bottom which could create problems when operating or transporting.

Offset hole cut with hole saw

Parts list:

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