2017-06-08 (Th) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Assembly was nearly completed on the tagger. Changes to a couple parts have been considered but creating a few working taggers may be more important at this point. This project has reached the point where it seems overwhelming to tackle all the minutae but the end is in sight. For now, all the small details which could be fixed, are being written down and promptly ignored. As an example, the PCB holder could be changed to have a square hole which would better fit a micro USB cable and small holes could be added to secure the internal PCB with zip ties. Neither of these changes are necessary to get the tagger ready for testing but they would be valuable additions.

USB cable

Screws were used to secure all the external parts like PCBs, buttons and switches. Wires were connected to all the inputs before the circuit board was installed. The old butt plate was used even though it had a hole for a 5mm LED. This was going to give the player status information but it was replaced with the LED strips.

Rear of tagger

All the internal assembly was finished, for now.  Most of the external assembly was finished so it was sealed up. The purpose of building this single tagger speedily has been to streamline the assembly process. Currently, there are a lot of wires that are simpy too long, parts that are too small, screws that are too wide and bolts that are too narrow. The next assembly should be smoother and eventually a final parts list will be available for download and instructions can be written. For now, this chewed up piece of PVC will keep holding mangled plastic parts.

Unpainted tagger from front


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