2016-10-10 (Tu) Charged: DesertIrish

If you're not familiar with this book, read this otherwise you'll just be reading spoilers below.

Sometimes scenes with Charges form in my head long before I can use them. The introduction of Anatola was an example. Her struggles with protecting her friends were developed for an entirely different character with entirely different abilities but her personality fit the role perfectly.

The latest chapters detailed were written for this character but they needed more background. The character Roller Derby was interesting enough for her own book and she doesn't have a Charge. This slice of her life is going to document the beginning of her life among the super powered. Rather than put a lot of focus on her I want to leave little snippets of different characters with interesting and full stories but only tell a fraction. Too often it seems like character's lives begin when the camera comes to rest on them. But people have backgrounds and friends and family before anyone pays attention to them. Peripheral characters get this worse than anyone so I want to be less guilty of this trope.


To do:
  • Describe a reality TV show which demonstrates the powers of contestants.
  • Describe a civil trial where a Charged person sues for the right to have a second identity but the case turns against him into a vilification of vigilantism.

Today’s word count: 1 500 words
Total word count: 144 591 + 74 554 = 219 145 words

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Total recorded timed: 14:50

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