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If you're not familiar with this book, read this otherwise you'll just be reading spoilers below.

Dawson’s meeting with Karin, Roller Derby, wasn’t smooth but he did successfully deliver the package to her and let it identify her. Jason was still receiving information about what Dawson was delivering. Jason informed Dawson that the thing inside the crate needed to identify Roller Derby but any woman who touched it could be momentarily incapacitated, like the effect that was seen with Karin.

The scene became interesting when Dawson was leaving and encountered ONYX in the hospital parking lot. They aimed to kidnap him but a shot was fired when Dawson tripped and everyone heard it. Roller Derby, still in the new exo-skeleton, managed to fend off the ONYX men so her and Dawson could get to his car.

Dawson and Roller Derby drove away while being chased. The ONYX men pursued but didn’t try to shoot or run them off the road. Dawson called Jason for help and he got a hold of Vani to extract them. Before a portal could be opened, they remembered that the exo-skeleton couldn’t travel through portals but another plan was set in motion and Dawson was instructed to drive out of town.


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