2017-10-31 (Tu) Charged: DesertIrish

If you're not familiar with this book, read this otherwise you'll just be reading spoilers below.

The Roller Derby story arc climaxed when Jason effectively lured the ONYX car into a trap on a country road in Alabama. Dawson was driving and he thought he was merely fleeing with Roller Derby, Karin because they couldn’t use Vani’s portals to escape. The ONYX car tried to ram Dawson’s car but Jason used his artifact to stop the car. Despite driving 48 miles per hour into a solidly anchored plane, the ONYX men were unharmed.

Liz unleashed her anger at the car and men which left one dead and the other two fled on foot, probably to be found by police. It was hinted but not explicitly stated that Liz caused all the moisture in the man to evaporate almost instantly which mummified him in the front seat. Even his clothes, with the exception of their signature jacket, was destroyed. The aftermath of Liz’s attack completely destroyed the car, one man, and Liz’s emotional stability.

Jason notified everyone that it would be safe to bring Roller Derby through a portal, a fact he learned from Charged Minds while Liz was getting revenge on ONYX. Everyone goes back to Minnesota where Liz breaks down and Karin gets some new clothes.


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