2017-11-18 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Tim and I recorded a show about brain training apps which have been largely discredited. I knew this when Tim suggested the episode so I thought we would talk about a difference in opinion and debate the validity of the games and apps. For the most part, Tim already knew that but he reminded me of a different type of training which still claims to improve a person’s working memory. Check out episode 039.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

It occurred to me that not everyone reading this blog is willing to read through all the previous blogs in order to catch up to the current day and there are a lot of past blogs about Charged: DesertIrish. To help people understand what is happening, I wrote an introduction to Charged: DesertIrish which encourages people to start the story and it gives some background about why I started and what makes it important to me.

For everyone reading along, here are the spoilers for the week.

The rating systems for Charged were introduced. Different categories for different Charged abilities have been created and they’re as illogical and ego-based as the real world would probably make them. Video games like to put all their character abilities into neat categories with similar and proportional value systems. The real world doesn’t do that. People create systems and name the values after themselves. Some are soundly based while others are based on a sliding scale only the creator seems to understand. This time I showed a small glimpse of what has been created.

Dawson got ready to go to brunch with his family. Brunch was a prelude to talking with their father, still in jail, but it was turned into a gathering of friends. Getting everyone together turned out to be a good move on Vani’s part because Dawson was in a foul mood. His guilt over his father was eating him up. Fortunately, people were able to cheer him up.

Vani found a deserted park in a city where the air pressure was similar to Minnesota so a portal could be opened without too much air being sent through the portal. Bud was glad to talk to everyone and Dawson’s bad mood disappeared when Bud asked him to get a different lawyer. Bud was in pretty good spirits and he made jokes and seemed hopeful about getting out of jail.



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