2017-12-10 (Su) Charged: DesertIrish

If you're not familiar with this book, read this otherwise you'll just be reading spoilers below.

If you breezed past the warning above, please reconsider because below will be the biggest spoiler of this year.

Ready? Good. The last chapter ended with Dawson rushing back to the ship and seeing something awful. The awful thing is his brother, Motor who has been shot and dies in front of them. Charley is too late to save him and Heather goes off on everyone within distance, particularly the Ide family. She swears, accuses, and slaps. Head is remarkably calm but he was never the emotional type and not the angry kind of man. He tells Heather that the Ides aren’t at fault, the people who shot his brother are at fault. He gets slapped for his insight.

The group devolves into chaos and shouting.


Today’s word count: 800 words
Total word count: 238 940 + 800 = 239 740 words

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Total recorded timed: 14:50

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