2019-02-25 (M) VivoKey Installation COMPLETED

While at BDYHAX 2019, I found out that VivoKey implants were available. I bought one to be installed immediately, one for my girlfriend, and one for my podcasting co-host, Tim.

Chatting during procedure

Implantation was done with proper care to establish a sterile field. A dental mat was placed on a bleached table, gloves were sterilized before handling pre-sterilized and after.

Lining everything up

I had a big breakfast before the implant since I am prone to passing out during implants and food in my stomach is the best remedy I have found so far. During this implant, I had no trouble keeping my eyes open.

About to stick

The pain was never the reason for passing out, and this procedure was on the low end of the pain scale for body mods. The implanter asked me if I wanted a countdown before getting the needle, but I did not feel I needed one. Just to be safe, someone else took all the pictures, and I kept my eyes off my hand.

Pushing the needle in

On the back of my hand are pretty visible veins, so I took care to find a suitable location for the tag. I was sure to keep away from the veins. The implant was placed so it will settle between the two radial metacarpals. This should be easy to scan with a phone and bring it to an external reader.

Deploying tag

Apps for the VivoKey still need development so I will need to carry an Android phone to access it. As far as I know, apps which fully leverage the VivoKey's capabilities will not be available on Apple phones.

Applying gauze and pressure

There were no problems with the procedure, and I picked up another low-frequency RFID for implantation later. Eventually, that will become a copy of my work badge.

All wrapped up

A couple of days after the implant and the wound looks like a scratch, and the tag is not visible to anyone who isn't looking for it. There is still tenderness above the site but no pain.

Two days after implant

Three days after the implant and still no trouble. I have not tried scanning the implant yet, but the swelling should be low enough to get a good read.

Three days after implant, not seated yet

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