2021-07-17 (Sa) New Sound Space COMPLETED

I lined a small closet with egg-crate foam at my previous apartment to dampen sound while recording. Since I moved to my new place, I haven't rebuilt the space, until now. The closet was approximately the same size, but I managed to lose some foam during the move. I tried to find some replacement locally, but I didn't have any luck. My partner bought some small squares that I was hesitant to use because they were small.

My solution was to buy a couple of styrofoam/paper board pieces and use double-sided tape to stick the foam to them. The place is a rental, so I don't want to risk using adhesives on the door. I had to bend some music wire into over-the-door hangers to suspend the foam without damaging anything.
Adhesive on foam panels

I didn't have enough foam to line all the walls, but I insulated everything above the standing desktop. The desk is a project from before this blog and not well-suited to the closet, but it will suffice until I find something that fits perpendicular to the door. The light is a problem, and right now, I have a motion-activated cabinet light that runs on batteries.
Recording space

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