2021-09-10 (F) Weekly Summary

I recorded chapter four which means that my pool of unedited material is gathering. Hopefully, doing all the editing at once will be less work than alternating with the reading.
Chapter four

I spent a day preparing the rest of act one's scripts. Previously, I would choose a voice to narrate a slang term, copy that into the text, add an intro and outro, and then it was ready to record.
Introduction template for chapters

Chapter six was lengthy, but the problem was overheating and picking up unwanted sounds. I could detect my partner on the phone, so I'll have to rerecord if I can hear her in the editing phase.
Chapter six

Chapter seven went smoothly, but I noticed that I don't hold my breath as much anymore. When I start editing, I'll find out if my earlier sessions were usable or practice.
Chapter seven

I recorded chapter eight, which means there is only one chapter left in this act. There were some hardware issues with the silent keyboard, so I may replace that soon.
Chapter eight

Chapter nine in the voice play would be the last of the act, but there is a significant event in the comic that I need to include. Since I plan to rerecord, I started keeping better track of my edits while reading.
Chapter nine

The rest of the summary posts have been arranged by date.
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