2021-10-15 (F) Weekly Summary

I wanted to expand my footprint library, so I grabbed the devices I planned to use and started drafting their outlines so I could arrange them and make myself laser-cut faceplates.
0.96" screen measurements

One part I want to use is an 8x8 membrane switch panel, but it has a number pad on the front, and I have specific uses for each button. I made an overlay that should be flexible enough if cut from thin wood, and it has labels over each contact.
Footprints for keypad cover, screen, and seven-segment display

I couldn't decide how to arrange all the parts for my timer panel, which will be the most basic. In the end, I decided to put all the components on the top, even the cable connectors and a big PANIC button.
Timer panel layout

The more I thought about making rough-looking devices, the less I wanted to go that route. I decided on something with some flare, and I will be installing all the panels into decorative tin boxes.
Ample empties

I have numerous components I want to build into this project, and some don't fit in circular holes, and cutting squares is a fool's task. I don't think I'll be able to rely on a laser cutter, so I am making an OpenSCAD model that will let me mount any of the footprints I drafted into a chassis-mounted adapter.
Screen holder

I started printing my parts, beginning with a screen adapter and a couple of captive button arrays. The switch holders failed in the first print, but the one for the display came out correctly.
Button arrays on printer screen

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