2021-10-17 (Su) EWC_Panel Printable button array

I shopped around for inexpensive buttons that could mount to a panel, but the cheapest operators I found were approximately $0.50 each, and they looked like low-quality hardware. I thought about designing something for the 3D printer with copper tape or Velostat, so I could print dozens of switches in any configuration I wanted. Still, a new design would probably have more bugs than I wanted to deal with. Plus, I needed dozens, so I wanted inexpensive and reliable.

I decided to make a printed case for standard tactile switches. I have hundreds already, and they only cost a few pennies each. I want this project to look pretty, so I will hide the operators. Often, these switches reside under a plastic cover, so everyday electronics are filled with them, but you never touch the part. My design will hide them under a shell, and the top will have four plungers with comfortably sized tops that will actuate the switch. Since I am printing these parts, I should be able to make the buttons captive, which means the button pusher will be flared on both ends and cannot fall out.
Semi-transparent button array from two viewpoints

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