2021-10-29 (F) Weekly Summary

I needed some protoboard to fit into the switch arrays, and the best option I had access to was a table-mount shear tool at my work. The only problem was the boards had the copper strips running lengthwise, and I wanted them perpendicular.
Second round of protoboard cuts

Inside each lunch box or tin container, I will have buttons, lights, and displays, and they need to mount to something. I bought some hardboard from the home improvement store. I cut and sanded them to fit inside the first two enclosures, drilled the necessary holes, and painted the tops with black polyurethane.
Hardboard inside tin containers

I can pretty easily visualize the circuit, but I sketched it out anyway. I realized that I was about to forget to add a power plug and MIDI output, so it's a good thing I put it to paper.
Timer panel schematic

Keeping the internal platforms at the correct level inside my tin boxes is a bit tricky, and one solution I came up with was to add a bolt from the top into an internal spacer and out the bottom where it terminates in a footpad. I designed the foot with a hexagonal socket for the nut.
Footpad model

Another circuit I'll need soon is for the drum machine, which has considerably more inputs and outputs, so I wanted to be sure I documented all of them. Since this will require more power and pins, I chose an Arduino Mega.
Drum machine circuit

All the electronic windchime projects in the past generated notes on the fly and let them pass without recording. I want to start storing them, and I need the versatility of a homemade recorder that can replay with modifications.
Pseudo code on paper

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