2021-11-02 (Tu) EWC_Panel Timer wiring

I thought I had a vast surplus of Arduino Pro Mini clones lying around, but I only found three. I will use all of them, and I can order more as necessary. Even with fast shipping, I can get them for $3USD, and I found Nano clones for $4USD, which have onboard USB ↔ serial converters. I soldered data headers to all three and tested the closest adapter to ensure my computer could talk to the microcontroller. Next, I added ground wires for the switches, a seven-segment unit, and a power wire for the display. I looked up the connections, and the LEDs don't require specific pins. https://playground.arduino.cc/Main/TM1637/

To get the digits lighting up, I installed a couple of libraries from Arduino's Library Manager. The first was "Grove 4-Digit Display" by Seeed Studio, and the next was "TimerOne" by Paul Stoffregen. The clock example worked, and I let it run for a few hours. I finished with wires for the buttons.
Backside of faceplate

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