2021-11-11 (Th) EWC_Panel Solved MIDI transmission issue

My first input switch still wouldn't behave, so I added a 10µF capacitor between the contacts to absorb some noise, but I don't think it helped. I also changed my default tempo to 60bpm and made it display at startup because before, I had to start at zero and press a button to start the display.

I got back into the problematic MIDI transmission and decided to unsolder all my leads and push them in place until something worked. To my surprise, when I disconnected the Vcc, and there was only one wire on the headphone adapter, I still saw a strong signal. Of course, there needs to be a complete path for electricity to flow, and I realized I mounted the power and serial lines to a metal box that provided a ground path. Since my bits were inverted, I needed logic-high, not ground as part of the circuit. I tested my hypothesis by soldering a headphone socket to a MIDI socket, and I got a usable signal.
Converter cobbled together

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