2021-11-14 (Su) EWC_Panel MIDI Clock timing

I started working on the MIDI clock timing signal. I tried sending the command 0xF8, but that didn't register on the browser-based checkers. When I sent a couple of 0x0 messages after, it showed up. I am supposed to send 24 signals per quarter note, but that overloaded the MIDI converter. My Arduino was still cranking out the signals so other devices down the line could keep up. Even at 120bpm, the converter gave up in less than two minutes. I don't think I want to send this signal so often that it makes my hardware fail, even if my microcontrollers can keep up. Plus, I noticed that my consistency could waver. Occasional fluctuations would be easy to ignore with lots of signals, so I'll keep looking for solutions to maintain MIDI compliance. Until then, I'll probably use the clock signal at the rate of once per beat.
Getting an accurate clock signal

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