2021-11-19 (F) Weekly Summary

Not all MIDI ↔ headphone adapters are the same, so I took my soldered components and designed a capsule for them. It was just the right length for my bolts which sit flush with the nuts.
Homemade MIDI adapter

I tweaked some of the timing code with my new adapter and finally got a web-based MIDI diagnostic tool to recognize my signal.
Web-based MIDI diagnostic

The last few steps of the timing panel were to make the left-most buttons work. The functions ramp the tempo up or down, and the C/E on the left pulse in time with the beats.
Completed timer panel

My next panel is the drum machine, and I had a couple of parts that needed adapters, so I printed one for my slide potentiometer and OLED screen.
Slide pot chassis adapter

Now that I had all the adapters on hand, I arranged them on the backside of the faceplate, but in retrospect, I should have done it from the front.
Drum machine controller parts

When I cut holes for the timing panel, I used a drill and a razor knife, but this time I wizened up and used a Dremel, and I regret not doing that in the first place.
Dremel-cut square holes

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