2021-11-25 (Th) EWC_Panel Digital IO finalized

I wanted to sort out all the digital buttons yesterday, but I couldn't make it happen. One trouble was that I designed my routine to only look at the named buttons. In retrospect, I could have checked every pin on the board with a few code tweaks. That's what I get for planning poorly. I slogged through the flimsy code and managed to track down all but one of my inputs. I struggled to find the problem and nearly determined it was a broken switch. A continuity meter proved that I could get a reliable signal from the operator, so I kept looking. I might have connected to a faulty input, so I made a solder bridge to an adjacent terminal, but the result was the same. The trick worked had me reflow the solder on the switch, so I had a cold solder joint. When I soldered that PCB, I was using a failing butane iron.

All my inputs were working, and I looked at the necessity of a debouncing routine. The erratic inputs weren't as bad as floating inputs, but I still saw nuisance tripping. I added a command to record the time in microseconds, not milliseconds, and tell me how long a button was held when the signal went cold. The unwanted presses were usually less than 2000 microseconds, and some were as short as 500 microseconds. When I write the debouncing routine, I will ensure that a button must be held 3 milliseconds. I will ensure sufficient downtime if necessary.
Checking button held-times

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