2021-11-27 (Sa) EWC_Panel Digital IO working

Two buttons still troubled me. I moved both of them earlier, but they should still work. The controller couldn't see one switch, but the other reported excessive nuisance tripping. Upon startup, I noticed that the unreactive switch was constantly high, indicating a stuck button or short. The on signal is a pleasant surprise since I figured I broke it during installation. I resoldered the switch, and it worked well. I coded my debouncing timer for the button with unwanted tripping to ignore all the times it registered for less than 4400 microseconds and kept moving the time up. The switch was stuck and occasionally releasing, so the time increases weren't helping. I thought the jumper to the adjacent pin might be pulling the signal in unwanted ways, but that didn't help. I activated the on-chip pull-up resistors, and the readouts looked cleaner. The final solution was reflowing the solder joints and reseating the switch. I had to pull off the chassis to put the pushbutton in position, and right there, I was grateful that the button plungers were captivated.
Exposing problematic buttons

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