2021-12-16 (Th) EWC_Panel Tracks, channels, and psuedo-random arrangements

When I added labels, I put them on in the order that made sense, and when I checked with my weeks-old code, they aligned. I made a function to act on the nine operation buttons, like changing instruments, tracks, and melody. I reversed the buttons that increase or decrease the selection because their numbering starts at the top with zero, and increasing the variable moves down, typically declination.

I created an array to store each track's instrument value, but I decided it was better to add that to the end of the velocities array and keep everything together. Increasing and decreasing the melody was trickier since I had been toggling lights when I pressed a button, so I wrote a function that looked at every variable in a melody and changed lights accordingly. Since this is processor-heavy, I will still use the old method.

I almost stopped before tackling the button to assign pseudo-random notes to an entire melody, but I pushed it. Instead of coding an arbitrary likelihood that a note will play, I used the slider position to increase or decrease the number of prandom instances. In the animation below, you can see the slider moving up in each frame and the value on the screen changing.
Prandomized tracks

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