2021-12-22 (W) EWC_Panel Finally sound

I copied Arduino's MIDI example for the noteOn() function. Some sources said I didn't have to worry about turning off percussion notes, but some of the sounds perpetuated, so I turned them off before starting a new one. Speaking of stopping the noise, the "CLEAR" button sends the MIDI command that cancels all active sounds. I sent off signals for every channel in previous projects, which worked, but it was slow.

This panel's most challenging and vital function was making a pseudo-random loop. I'd already laid some groundwork, but after hearing the results, I made improvements. I forgot to assign instruments, and at first, it only played instrument fifty at prandom times with varying amplitude. Some of the selections don't sound great, but tracking down the offending track and replacing it with a pleasing instrument was satisfying. Another thing I found was that assigning eight tracks every time was too busy, so I made the current selection the number to generate. So, if I have the fourth row selected, the prandomize function will create four instruments. I recorded a short demonstration video, but I played it through cheap speakers.
Testing the drum machine's prandom function

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