2021-12-26 (Su) EWC_Panel Button overlay

When I scoped 4x4 membrane switches as my interface, I planned to use a laser cutter to make overlays with engraved legends. I've switched to 3D printing as my go-to process, but I still have an excellent outline ready to go for the overlay, and black pigment on white printed parts is striking. I had to change my original design because that could use the width of a laser beam to sever wood or plastic, but the printed parts need to have some width to their flexible parts, so I converted the image and centered it up.

The overlay wouldn't fit on my resin printer, so I halved the design and added a countersunk bolt hole that wouldn't interfere with the cable. I recorded the hole locations from my QCAD drawing and used them to add text in OpenSCAD, and I added a rotation variable to flip it around to do the other half of the overlay. I may tack them together, but it shouldn't be necessary. After all the trouble, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to print the words on a sticky label and adhere it to the top of my membrane buttons.
Left and right side of 4x4 button cover

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