2022-01-04 (Tu) EWC_Panel Faceplate wiring

I thought I would wire everything on the faceplate before I mounted them, but I did a test fit, and it made sense to solder things in place. There were eight connections from the 4x4 button array, so I cut four male-male DuPont cables in half, then taped their ends into the header socket end. I soldered the bare ends to digital inputs on an Arduino Mini Pro. I used a similar trick for the screen where I selection some long female-female cables and connected them to the controller. I marked the positive and negative leads, but I ignored the data lines since I could switch them easily later. The potentiometer and arcade button pull power from the MIDI breakout board, but their signal wires run directly to the microcontroller. I still have to cut off the data connectors to connect them to the outside, then reconnect the conductors.
Wired faceplate

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