2022-02-25 (F) Weekly Summary

My laser doesn't always cut through plywood, but I made some ugly holes, and I could test my footprints and confirm that everything fit. A coworker suggested that wood density varies between batches, and I may have better luck later.
Good test fitting

Instead of suffering through another day of laser woes, I bought some plastic boxes and adapted my drawings to fit. The person who requested this project worked in a machine shop and offered to cut them.
Layouts and plastic boxes

I got to work on the electronic and soldered pins to everything. I decided on breakout boards for the controllers, ensured I had a place to land everything, and included a tactile button for testing.
Everything soldered with header pins

The first bit of electronics I focused on was the light ring. The majority of the work was establishing the program to work with my inexpensive controllers, the MH-Tiny boards I had in surplus.
Working light rings

Next, I went to the distance sensor and wrote a configurable beam. I looked at the nearest distance, and whenever something came closer, it would trigger the onboard LED.
My hand causes the light to turn on

When I worked on the LCD screen, I realized that I should have started there. The cheap controllers don't support serial feedback, so I couldn't tell what was happening there, but I could have been displaying data all along.
LCD working with poor contrast

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