2022-06-25 (Sa) SubdermalWirelessLEDs implanted

At Grindfest 2022, I brought some wireless LEDs that I thought might spark some conversation, but they sparked enough confidence that we coated a few clusters. The individual lights were column-shaped, and we worried they would tip sideways under the skin instead of pointing out. The solution was to group three of them into a triangle for stability. The primary purpose was to test how well the light would penetrate our skin. There wasn't a wide range of complexions, so we won't have anything close to comprehensive pictures soon.
Close-up before implantation

I got mine in my left forearm, a popular spot for tattoos and easy to show off. The picture above isn't my implant, the colors are different, but I chose blue, green, and yellow. Yellow was the least popular, and it isn't as bright in pictures, but the overall look is pretty.
Subdermal LEDs

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