2022-07-08 (F) Weekly Summary

I bought some inexpensive 1/4" (6mm) pine plywood and tested it with my laser cutter. The best I did was create some nice-smelling gouges in the board, but I never cut all the way through the wood.
Burnt plywood

I bought some 3mm thick birch plywood, which I can easily cut and engrave. The cheapest pieces are 100mm X 100mm slabs. I redesigned the Ranger platform to be coaster-sized.
Reduced-size Ranger plate

I designed a circuit for the controller that fit on a prototyping board, had minimal wires, and utilized solder bridges. The motors and sensors can plug directly onto headers or use wires.
Wiring diagram, bottom view

I figured a novice could assemble the board in twenty minutes, but I had many troubles, and it took two hours. I revised the class to be about debugging the device and gave the prototype to a student. Everyone else built a workable version with jumper wires.
Ranger in a couple of styles

A friend asked me to make a bathroom sign with the bisexual flag colors and the word "BITHROOM." We swapped some design ideas, and I got to work.
First design

I found some paint and blank wooden ovals. The design I prompted had a  couple of flourishes at the top and bottom to spruce up the sign. My friend requested interlocked female and male symbols at the top.

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