2022-07-22 (F) Weekly Summary

I tried a method for adding the wire that didn't need glue. Unfortunately, the effect was terrible. My conductors got hot, and the lights weren't effective. I might have better luck if I wound the coils tighter, so there were more wire emitting electromagnetic waves, and it was a larger inductor.
Low light

The enclosure that best matched my components for size was a metal mint tin. I removed the large switch from the circuit and replaced it with a mercury switch and a pushbutton small enough to mount through the side of the container.
Circuit in a mint tin

I changed some of the components in my wearable box. I swapped a mercury switch for a steel-ball tilt switch which was less expensive, smaller, and non-toxic. I'm delighted it works so well, and I'm done with this project. For now.
Updated brace

I started playing around with online AI artwork generators and had so much fun that I decided to try my hand at making a card game. The distorted images had a haunting quality, so I will try to make a game where the players are in a haunted house.
AI generated artwork

I am still getting the hang of which prompts yield good results. Some of the best images came with meager input. Some of the most frustrating cards should have been simple, like "hunting knife," but AI has trouble keeping the handle attached to the blade.
One of the clues

The rules for the game should be simple to start, and I'll elaborate as necessary during testing. I want to make the game cooperative, where players try to solve a mystery together.

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