2022-07-23 (Sa) Distorted Mansion Rubber stamps

I plan to make hundreds of cards for testing to put the mechanics through their paces. I don't want to order printed cards before testing in case I have to make significant changes, so I decided to make rubber stamps. These won't be fancy and nowhere near production, but they will build a playable deck. The backs of some cards will have the word "HALLWAY," and the rest will say, "ROOM." There will be many similar card faces, like "GHOST" and "CLUE." Ghost cards will have a damage value, but I'm not sure how to scale everything, so I will have to draw that in with a marker later. Clues will be numbered and color-coded, but I will do that with makers too.

I bought stamp pad material for laser cutting. I worked at a laser engraver that cut rubber in my professional life, but they used the chlorinated stuff, and the smell was truly awful. Thankfully, there are other options. I draw a template in QCAD and put it on the machine to etch. It produced more burned area than I expected, but it cleaned up pretty well.
Laser-cut rubber mat

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