2022-07-28 (Th) Distorted Mansion Stamping cards

I finally began stamping prototype cards. After so much build-up, I was worried something would negate my work or there would be blaring gaps in my logic. Fortunately, the task went well. I cranked out fifty cards stamped with "HALLWAY" in black letters and "ROOM" in red. I had to reapply black ink to every other card, and it took approximately ten minutes to dry. Red ink didn't stick to the pad like black, but it was a different formula and wouldn't dry. I created approximately 100 cards that won't be usable.
Failed cards

The black ink was labeled as "Dye," while the red was called "Pigment." Experienced folx would probably already know that one wouldn't dry on a glossy surface, but I learned that lesson after the fact. I'd stamped some of the cards with red ink, and if I let it dry for an hour, then dabbed at it with ordinary paper, it wouldn't smear.
Hand stamped and marker

I decided to redo the "ROOM" cards with orange ink since it was available and different enough from black. My other option was blue, so I went with Halloween colors! I added text to the faces of my cards and built the first play-testable deck.
Prototyping decks    

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