2022-08-19 (F) Weekly Summary

I did a bunch of experimenting with tokens that lit up. I poured hot glue into silicone molds with wireless LEDs and had some satisfying results and more failures. I found that the best lighting required pieces that were too large.
Daily winners

I picked up some small glass bottles and filled them with glitter paint. The vials looked fantastic and matched the theme of a haunted house. I designed a square holder the same size as the length of a poker card. It was several layers of basswood.
Top view of holder and bottles

I made some upgrades to the inside of the prototyping wooden box. These weren't necessary for the finished game, but I liked them. I added a silver tile sticker to the top lid and some black felt to the bottom.
Box interior

People kept telling me that the rules need work because they don't know what they're getting into at the start. I rewrote the rules, but this time I tried to be thematic while utilizing technical words. It still needs work.
Second draft of the rules

I built a card play mat of scrap plywood, clearance felt panels and some leftover contact paper. I wanted a surface on my bed when I test because shuffling on a mattress is awful.
Felt mat

I revised the rules again, but I still need to show it to people unfamiliar with the game to see if they play it as I imagined. I also received word that my printed version shipped today!
Third draft of rules

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