2022-09-06 (Tu) SkateSail Personalizing a mountain board

One of the scariest things about longboarding for me is losing control. One of the first things to learn is a shutdown slide, which stops the rider entirely as quickly as possible. If I'm carrying a sail, a slide is difficult at best. I bought an off-road board with large pneumatic tires and brakes!
Set up with foot straps to ride regular

The board came set up for a regular stance, but I ride goofy, so I swapped the trucks to keep the brakes on the rear wheels. I also pumped up the tires, which were deflated for shipping.
Ride it till the wheels fall off

I rode around the block and removed the rear foot strap. After another block, I took off the front. Lastly, I loosened the trucks to make them turn better. I realized that if I had removed the bindings first, I wouldn't have needed to swap the trucks. Oh well, I figured out that all the hardware was metric, so that's something.
How I like it

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