2022-09-14 (W) SkateSailV3 Measuring wind speeds

When I tested my last sail, I saw a lot of promise, but it still didn't catch enough wind to move me unless I held it over my head. I didn't think much about where the air would move fastest, but it makes sense that the stationary ground would impede movement.

I bought an inexpensive anemometer (air flow sensor) and held it at different heights. It wasn't easy to measure three times at different levels because the wind came in gusts, so I discarded many of my trials if I felt the speed suddenly shift.
Field notes

I graphed the first six readings, confirming my hypothesis that air moves faster as I measure higher. The first three readings were near a six-story building, and the last three were from the middle of a wide road with fewer obstructions than near my apartment building.

I acknowledge that my readings are not a conclusive scientific study. Still, they are reliable enough that I feel comfortable developing sails that capture more air at their top than the bottom.
Speed in M/s Wind graphs

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