2022-09-23 (F) Weekly Summary

I sketched the designs that were tumbling around in my head. I tried to draw them to scale with one another, and the one that stood out as the most plausible was shaped like a folding hand fan. I drafted it with accurate measurements, and it should be doable.
Sketches and a 1:1 plot for dimensions

I bought and cut the fabric, but it didn't go as high up as I planned in the drawing. The curved part of the sail, the leech, didn't need to be as large as I had planned. I sewed up the sides to contain the poles so I could add the hinge next.
Sewing for SkateSailV4

I added eyelets and paracord to the edge of the sail and a hinge to the rods. Testing went well, but I found it easier to hold the poles near the hinge as though I were holding a comically large fan. I'll have to test with better conditions later, but this is a complete project.
V4 in the wind

My sister asked me for a device to alert her to small changes in barometric pressure. We wanted something that would emit a chirp and indicate what happened with a colored LED. I assembled the hardware and got it running with Arduino V 2.0.0.
Arduino screenshot

I added lights and sound to the project. The RGB LED uses three outputs, but I have plenty to spare. The speaker isn't my final choice because I'll use a piezo element, but this had header pins, so it was easy for prototyping. I put everything in a sealed food container, and the pressure sensor triggered lights and beeps.
Pressure vessel

I designed an enclosure in CAD and cut it with my laser. I needed two revisions to make everything fit, which is attractive for burnt wood. The best feature was a layer with 34 holes for the pins on the Arduino, where it mounted neatly.
Wood enclosure

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