2022-09-30 (F) Weekly Summary

I wired up one of the lids, but my wire was too stiff, so it broke the piezo element. On top of bad wiring, a potentiometer was faulty or damaged during installation and caused many confusing issues when I tried troubleshooting.
Wired internals

I revised my plan and added a landing point for the wires. On the lid, I placed a prototyping PCB that held a foil-wrapped sponge in contact with the piezo element. Everything else connected through the PCB and kept the wires tidy.
Connected to controller

I completed the first usable 24EngBaroStat. I tweaked some program settings, glued the box sides, added labels, and improved the connection between the PCB and piezo element.
The rubber bands are holding the sides while the glue dries

I shot some video demonstrating the 24EngBarostat, but the audio wasn't loud enough, so I used a different phone. The results were similar, so the problem could have been with the stairwell. I put the demo video on YouTube.
Demonstration of REV1(1:18)

I wired the second board to its lid, but I used silicone-insulated wires for the first time. They were more flexible, less prone to breaking, and held up wonderfully to tweezers during soldering.
Second unit

I fixed the problems with the peripherals. The barometer wasn't communicating because of bad wiring, so I replaced the wires, and the potentiometers were connected to the wrong terminals, so I moved them. I glued the sides shut after confirming that everything worked.
Repairs on REV1.1

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