2022-11-05 (Sa) PoweredInlineSkatesRev2 Hardware problems

I revised most of my Arduino sketch to accommodate ramping. Instead of instantly sending timing pulses to the ESC, it will gradually increase, so I shouldn't feel any acceleration jumps. I created a couple of variables to make tuning more manageable, like how great a span I will cover and how much to increase each cycle. My span started at 0 to 1000, which is 1:1 for the microsecond delay inherent in the timing pulses. I did some bench testing with the servo and changed the rate/cycle until it seemed reasonable.

Carrying the battery, Arduino, and ESC in one hand was cumbersome, so I got a leg bag to hold the hardware. I extended the wires of my potentiometer and went for a test. I felt some awful acceleration jerkiness, so I headed back. One problem could be that if I applied a low-speed signal to a quickly spinning motor, it would cause disruption. I added a minimum speed so it would jump to 20%, which seemed like a reasonable starting place. I also capped the rate at 80% to keep things safer during testing. Again, lots of stuttering during my test.

If I left the Arduino running by my computer, I saw issues where the servo would jump, which probably correlated to the erratic speed. My extra-long potentiometer wires were perhaps picking up interference, and I confirmed this by connecting the Arduino, ESC/battery, and computer to monitor the throttle. I saw much interference, especially when the unshielded wires were near the current-carrying wires. I will try for a wireless controller to keep my potentiometer wires short.
Thigh bag for battery and controls

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